Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Panama City

Safley in Panama City

As promised here is the last part of our journey. I know it's taken a while but I've been busy latley.

We came into Panama City in the morning and docked the boats at the house that we rented for the weekend. We met up with our friends and after the greetings we sat around the pool and had breakfast.

The house that we rented was better than I had expected. It was very nice and clean. It was also larger than I had expected it to be with a huge kitchen and bar that we could all get around together and still have moving room between us.

After breakfast we had a few early afternoon drinks to celebrate the trip. We rested a while and Randy and a few of the guys went out fishing in the bay and the ocean. I decided to stay behind and took a much needed nap.

Randy and the guys got back with a few Jack fish and a Bonita in the cooler. I went down to the dock and watched Dana start cleaning them. A few seagulls started flying around and you know how Dana is around seagulls from the pics in Apalachicola. He had to start feeding them the entrails of the fish. All of this action caught the attention of a lagre white crane. It flew over and landed on the dock between us and the bank. This bird was only about 5 feet away from us. Evidently, it was used to people feeding it and had done this before because it wouldn't leave until it was fed it's share too. I managed to grab the camera to get a few shots because I thought it was going to fly off. Notttt...we had to shoo it out of the way to get off the dock.

The rest of the trip involved fishing in which we caught spanish mackrels, one large king mackrel, and a lot of jacks.

We motored over to St Andrews park and tied up to the dock and walked around for a while. We got some great pictures of a flock of pelicans and another white crane on the dock here, wanting to be fed.

We ended up having a great trip.

The morning we left, I called a couple of local trailer companies to inquire about new springs for my trailer since the ones that were on there took quite a beating when the axle dropped on the way down and were looking questionable about making the trip back. I finally got in touch with a couple of places and one gave me a very good quote to do the work so we headed there as it was on the way home anyway. I had all 4 springs replaced along with all new u bolts and shackle and mounting plates.

After that we headed home with fond memories of a trip that I'm sure we will do again soon.

Thanks for reading,